What areas in North and South Carolina does Pet Protégé service?

Pet Protégé currently service the South Charlotte area. This includes some areas of Waxhaw, Weddington, Ballantyne, Blakeney and others. We also cover some locations of Fort Mill and Indian Land, South Carolina. Please call or email us if you are in question regarding your location.

How do I schedule service with Pet Protégé?

To schedule service, please call 704.773.6512 or email us at amber@petprotege.com

. You may also fill out the contact form located on our web site.

Do I get the exact sit time I ask for when scheduling?

All scheduling is based on first come first service basis and we try to accommodate the needs of each pet. Pet Protégé sitters will visit as close to the requested time as possible. We understand that your pets have a routine that makes them the most happy and we try hard to adhere to their schedules.

Do I get to meet the sitter that will actually be caring for my pets?

Yes. It is very important to us that you meet the sitter that will be caring for your pets. If a sitter change is needed due to scheduling conflicts, you will have the option to meet the new sitter as well.

What does an initial consultation involve?

Your initial consultation allows you to meet us as well as us getting to meet you and your pets. We will want to make sure you are comfortable with your assigned sitter and your pets are as well. If the decision is made then to utilize Pet Protégé, your sitter will need to know about your pet’s schedule. For example, when is your pet fed, walked, if medicine is needed, pets habits, likes and dislikes, etc. It is so important that we cater our sits to what your pets need in order to ensure their happiness while you are away. We also require two keys for the home if the decision to use our services is made.

What type of animals does Pet Protégé care for?

We love all animals no matter their size, shape or breed. We will pet sit most any type of animal whether it’s warm blooded or cold blooded.

How do I know when and if the sitter has visited my home?

Pet Protégé sitters will always leave a daily log that shows when they arrive and leave your home. They will also log all activity of your pets including what they ate, where they walked, played, etc. That way you have an understanding of what your pet did while you were away! You also have the option to receive an email, text or phone call after each sit with no added charge.

Can I contact Pet Protégé while I am away?

We welcome you to reach out to us at any time while you are away to check on your pets! You can email, text or call Amber Klein at amber@petprotege.com or call 704.773.6512. You will also have direct contact information with your assigned pet sitter.



What does Pet Protégé do in a pet medical emergency?

In the event of a medical emergency with your pet, we will contact you. If veterinary care is needed, we will make sure your pet gets to the requested or closest vet facility possible.

Is there a last minute fee?

Pet Protégé does not charge any last minute booking fees. We do encourage you to contact us for sits as early as possible to guarantee getting the schedule most needed for your pet. Holidays book very quickly and it is first come, first serve basis.

Is there a holiday fee?

Yes. We charge a flat rate of $20 for the following holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Cancellation of any scheduled service from Pet Protégé must be given by you at least two days prior to the scheduled service start time. Failure to do so within the two days may result in a charge of one full day service visit.

How am I billed for services?

During the initial consultation and if a service period is agreed upon, 100% of the total service period bill will be due at the time of the first visit.

What forms of payment does Pet Protégé accept?

We accept cash and check payments. All returned checks will incur a $25 returned check fee and billed to the client.

What if I return early from vacation?

No refund is given if you return early from a vacation. We do ask that you immediately notify Pet Protégé of your return so we can end your service period.

Do you require leashes/collars on outside pets?

All pets that are walked outside of a fenced area are required to be led on a leash. All pets outside with a Pet Protégé sitter are also required to wear a collar with tags stating proof of residence.

Do my pets need to have current vaccinations?

Yes. We do require you provide proof of current vaccinations at the time of initial consult or prior to the first service period.

What does Pet Protégé do if the weather is bad and a sitter can’t get to my home?

In the event of inclement weather and your sitter is unable to get to your home, another sitter will be notified. We will make all possible attempts to service your pets. If that is not possible, the service time may be altered due to the circumstances. If a Pet Protégé sitter can not get to your home at all, we will notify you as well as your emergency contact person in order to ask for their assistance.

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